How to Get to Molokai

How to Get to Molokai

Getting to Molokai by Plane

You can get to Molokai one way: by plane.  There used to be a ferry service available, but that ended in 2016.

Now you can hop on a (very) small plane via Mokulele Air or Makana Kai Air (most affordable), and more recently Hawaiian Airlines.  The plane ride is only 25 minutes from Honolulu and similar from Maui.  You can expect tickets to cost anywhere from $80-$150 roundtrip. Because these flights are so short and the planes are so small, don’t expect any drink service.  The trip is quick and pleasant with beautiful views of the island as you leave, and the ocean as you don’t fly as high as normal commercial aircrafts.

We always go from Honolulu (HNL) to Molokai (MKK) because we can fly directly to Honolulu from our hometown, but if you get the chance to go from Maui to Molokai I would highly recommend that!  Often you will be able to see the backside of Molokai and the beautiful sea cliffs.

Flying to Molokai with Kids

We fly with our 3 kids over to Molokai.  It is a big feat to get carseats and strollers to the inter-island terminal on Honolulu.  To help carry these items, we usually load up our double stroller with the carseats and let the kids walk with us to the terminal.  Because food options are limited at the Honolulu inter-island terminal, be sure to pick up something to eat before you head over.

The kids get really nervous with the small airplane in turbulence, so we like to sit in front of them so we can reach our hands back to hold their hands when they get scared.  If your kid is known to get motion sickness, find a bag when you get on the plane.  Luckily it is such a short flight and you are there before you know it!